Brownies - Mom's Recipe

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Chocolate! I admit that I do not have much of a sweet tooth but every so often I like a taste of chocolate . . .

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Apple Pan Walnut Cake

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Apple Pan Walnut Cake This cake has been in my recipe file box since the 1970’s. I was a Home Economics major in college . . .

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Joe Trocchio's Wild Turkey Balls


My housemate works with Joe and the man knows his way around a kitchen. Among other things, he won their office chili throwdown. He . . .

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Cream Cheese Nut Horns


I’ve been told that this recipe originally came from Mary Ann’s grandma sometime around 1946. These cookies have been at the Christmas table since . . .

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It's So Easy Raisin Nut Bread


My recipe for Raisin Nut Bread has been a family favorite for years. This quick bread is perfect for breakfast (try toasting it) or . . .

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10 O'clock Sticky Buns


Gorgeous! Oh man! These are the best tasting “sticky buns” I have ever made. They are simple to make AND the ingredients can be . . .

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