Pan Sauteed Kale

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Like spinach and other leafy vegetables, pan sauteeing is a quick and different way to prepare them and its good for you. Here’s how . . .

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Steamed Veggies over Couscous


I came up with this one day when I had left over veggies and couscous in the fridge. It is a quick and easy . . .

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Chicken Soup with Barley (To Go)


My mom is insecure unless she has a stash of this in her freezer. I’ve been making her chicken soup for as long as . . .

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Oooh Baby, Its Cold Outside ..........


…. and I’m breakin’ out the soup pot. Its the end of December and we’re finally getting the first blast of winter here in . . .

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Brussel Sprouts


I never used to like brussel sprouts, but everything’s better with bacon. Plus, I think it has something to do with the fact . . .

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