Apple Pan Walnut Cake

apple pan walnut cake slice 600

Apple Pan Walnut Cake This cake has been in my recipe file box since the 1970’s. I was a Home Economics major in college . . .

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Chicken Paprikas a la City Cousin


You have seen recipes for Fran’s Chicken Paprikash and my “quick” Chicken Paprikash.  Now, its time for the City Cousin version of the . . .

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Little Stuffed Potatoes

stuffed potato appetizers 700

I know you are BUSY so I am going to keep this short and sweet. Here is one of my “Oh no, Now . . .

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Classic Cucumbers and Sour Cream


My version of Cucumbers and Sour Cream has a short list of ingredients – cucumbers fresh from the garden, salt, dill, lemon, and sour . . .

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Potato Chip Appetizer


This barely qualifies as a recipe because they are ridiculously easy to make. And, that’s a good thing because you’ll need a lot of . . .

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Garlic Smashed Tateys


Several years ago, I gave a friend of mine recipes for Thanksgiving Turkey and Garlic Mashed Potatoes. The Monday after Thanksgiving, I asked her . . .

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Chicken Paprikash


Chicken Paprikash is an ethnic meal that I have enjoyed my entire life. Greg and I even had it, cooked by the church ladies . . .

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