Garden Daybook 3/27/14

spring garden 600

FromĀ  The Gardener’s Way – A Daybook of Acts and Affirmations, by Maureen Gilmer, comes thisĀ  old Scottish prayer: “O Lord who painteth . . .

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Garden Daybook 4/18/13


Isn’t she gorgeous?! “She” is a Hymenocallis. Commonly known as Peruvian daffodil or Spider lily. The name “daffodil” is tricky because most “daffodils” . . .

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Garden Daybook 4/4/13


Peepers, robin chatter, cooing Morning doves, honking Canadian Geese, and crowing roosters fill the morning air. We have seen the first red-winged blackbirds. Robins . . .

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