Fries, Glorious Fries

There are almost as many names for this side dish as their are variations to the recipe.  I have heard them called Garbage Fries, . . .

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Clam Bake


Mornings are crisp and cool. Afternoons are sunny and warm. Some of the leaves are just beginning to show signs of turning. All this . . .

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Deck Potatoes


  OK, so Summer is in full swing and this is a long view of our deck. And yes, that’s my dog’s butt. . . .

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Garden Daybook 6/20/13


  The gardens are in full blown, late spring, grow like crazy mode. The Larkspur and Spiderwort in the herb garden are blazing blue . . .

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A Tale of Two Hashes


This is a story/recipe but nothing like the story problems you used to get in school. Boy did I hate those! Who cares when . . .

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Potato Salad


When my mom taught me to make potato salad, she used big baking potatoes, boiled them, peeled them and cubed them. When I got . . .

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Garden Daybook 3/21/13


Ten pounds of Kennebecs and ten pounds of Yukon Gold. Two ten pound bags of “certified seed potatoes”. Hard to believe these two . . .

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Potatoes With Garlic and Dill


I’m not real sure where the idea for this recipe came from, aside from the fact that I like everything in it. How I . . .

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