Champagne Chicken

champagne chicken

  This recipe has been a staple for me for decades.  I found the original version in, of all places, a Reader’s Digest . . .

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Hummus - With Linda's Help!

hummus ingre 600

I first tasted  good Hummus on a trip to The Treehouse with Linda, Dottie, Annie, and Lisa. Linda whipped up a batch for . . .

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Classic Cucumbers and Sour Cream


My version of Cucumbers and Sour Cream has a short list of ingredients – cucumbers fresh from the garden, salt, dill, lemon, and sour . . .

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Ramp Butter


Our neighbor knocked on our kitchen door a few days ago and gifted us with this batch of freshly dug ramps! What a . . .

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Chicken Piccata

IMG_0154-853x640-533x400 (1)

This is a relatively quick and easy recipe that can spiff up your culinary repertoire a little. I don’t know many people who make . . .

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