OMG Easy Decadence


I don’t know how many of you have noticed, but there are now chocolate cream cheeses on the market. OMG! Its just like cream . . .

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Saran Wrap Your Burgers


  If you like to buy ground meat in bulk, preform your burgers and then freeze them, wrap them in plastic wrap then . . .

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Cleome, a.k.a., Floral Fireworks


Several years ago, I was in Frankenmuth, MI, home of Bronner’s Christmas Store. There were a lot of these flowers in beds along . . .

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Seed Storage


Most gardeners try to save seed year to year. Simply remembering two words -dry and cold- will help your seeds stay viable. To . . .

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Hot Enough?


There is nothing worse than throwing something in a saute pan and realizing the oil isn’t hot enough. Especially when whatever you just put . . .

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Weighing Bulk Spaghetti


Because I stock our pantry with bulk food I have a scale in our kitchen to weigh meal portions. Bulk spaghetti was always . . .

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Sweeten Your Sweet Corn


  It’s never easy to know in advance just how sweet your sweet corn is going to be. Just to be safe, add . . .

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Don't Dirty that Extra Dish


    When grilling out, don’t dirty an extra dish, platter or cutting board. Just cover it in foil and once the food . . .

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