Limoncello Shrimp


I got this recipe from a friend of mine. I didn’t get a lot of specifics, but it turns out, you really don’t need . . .

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Slow Cooker Western Ribs


My mother was a widow for 27 years and lived alone until she died at the age of 95. As many of us know, . . .

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Steamed Acorn Squash


This a great Fall side dish and perfect for Thanksgiving, or any time they are available. It’s a little sweet and a great alternative . . .

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Green Beans with Cherry Tomatoes


One day I found some great looking green beans in the grocery store and decided to make them for dinner. Once I got them . . .

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Steamed Veggies over Couscous


I came up with this one day when I had left over veggies and couscous in the fridge. It is a quick and easy . . .

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Potatoes With Garlic and Dill


I’m not real sure where the idea for this recipe came from, aside from the fact that I like everything in it. How I . . .

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Italian Wedding Soup (a Little Healthier)


A friend of mine gave me this recipe and I adapted it for my mom and her dietary restrictions. I use low sodium broth . . .

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Braised Turkey


I love braising and slow cooking. Things turn out juicy, moist, not over-cooked… Yummmmm. This is a braised turkey. Add this to the growing . . .

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