Garden Daybook 11/27/12


Gardening can save you $$$ or it can end up costing you a lot. I manage to bring home lots of free stuff and . . .

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Garden Daybook 11/15/12


The idea for this post came to me as I stood in my garden and saw all the empty raised beds. Well, maybe . . .

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Garden Daybook 11/1/12


Sandy has stripped the last of the leaves from the maples and left the ground strewn with branches. We had no damage at . . .

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Garden Daybook 10/10/12


Have you noticed a change in the air? Cool evening air, shorter days, summer-worn plants, and unbelievably huge spiders in their unbelievably huge . . .

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Garden Daybook 9/24/12


Cooler temperatures and shorter days are putting pressure on every growing thing to finish what each was born to do – flower/fruit/set seed/ and . . .

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Garden Daybook 9/10/12


This afternoon was spent gathering plants and seeds to share. I have been taking a six month medicinal herb class with Master Herbalist . . .

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Garden Daybook 9/3/12


Run for your life!! The zucchini is STILL growing!!! Good Golly Miss America!!! I have grown zucchini for years but I have NEVER . . .

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Garden Daybook 7/7/12


I walked through the garden early this morning and took advantage of the cool before the heat. The thermometer was already at 80° so, . . .

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