Garden Daybook 8/1/13


My collective thoughts for this year’s frustrated gardeners: Never give up! Maybe it will stop raining?! There is always next year! Try planting a . . .

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Garden Daybook 7/25/13


We are blessed to have a hive of bees in a huge maple tree in our yard. We can hear them buzzing throughout . . .

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Garden Daybook 7/18/13


It’s been a crazy week here in the country. It’s been HOT everyday and the garden is suffering. Bean leaves are yellowing, pepper flowers . . .

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Garden Daybook 7/11/13


Sixteen straight days of rain. Back up the ark and lower the ramp! The yard is wet – those are my feet in . . .

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Garden Daybook 6/20/13


  The gardens are in full blown, late spring, grow like crazy mode. The Larkspur and Spiderwort in the herb garden are blazing blue . . .

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Garden Daybook 6/13/13


Gardeners grow fond of certain tools – tools they would not want to garden without. Tools that feel “just right” in their hands. Tools . . .

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Garden Daybook 6/6/13


This weeks Garden Daybook is a perfect example of how quickly spring weather changes. We experienced our last frost on May 25! We had . . .

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Garden Daybook 5/23/13


We left with bags, boxes, and wagons of “new to us” plants after last Thursday’s Spring Plant Swap at Farm and Home Hardware . . .

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