Chicken Cacciatore

chicken cacciatore

  As I often mention, there are usually ample opportunities for substitutions and personal preferences in recipes.  This recipe is no different.  In . . .

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Pork Stock - It's So Easy!


This past Tuesday evening Mary Ann and I had our second class at the Bluescreek Farms booth in Columbus’s North Market. Bluescreek Farms raises . . .

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Homemade - Home Canned


Homemade chicken broth is a ‘gotta have on the shelf ‘ staple in my kitchen. I never have enough – for soups, for . . .

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Lemon Gnocchi w/Carrots and Spinach


A few weeks ago, I tried a recipe for Lemon Chicken that was posted by the Oilerie. It sounded really good. As I tried . . .

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Garden Daybook 3/7/13


Greg came in after Gabby’s morning walk and showed me this! He found it on the ground under the huge maple tree in our . . .

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Chicken Soup with Barley (To Go)


My mom is insecure unless she has a stash of this in her freezer. I’ve been making her chicken soup for as long as . . .

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Deli Corned Beef


This is one of the first recipes I found on my own as opposed to those I got from my mother. I had just . . .

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Garden Daybook 9/24/12


Cooler temperatures and shorter days are putting pressure on every growing thing to finish what each was born to do – flower/fruit/set seed/ and . . .

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