Garden Daybook 5/7/14

5 7 14 tree root pond600

It has been a difficult week with Mom in the hospital. She is home and more comfortable but we have to keep her . . .

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Asparagus - The Taste of Spring!

asparagus baked lunch600

It’s back!!! I took a walk through the garden this morning and this is what I found. The asparagus bed is awake!  I . . .

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Garden Daybook 6/20/13


  The gardens are in full blown, late spring, grow like crazy mode. The Larkspur and Spiderwort in the herb garden are blazing blue . . .

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Garden Daybook 6/6/13


This weeks Garden Daybook is a perfect example of how quickly spring weather changes. We experienced our last frost on May 25! We had . . .

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Garden Daybook 5/23/13


We left with bags, boxes, and wagons of “new to us” plants after last Thursday’s Spring Plant Swap at Farm and Home Hardware . . .

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Asparagus with Ramp Butter


I’ve been picking asparagus for several days and finally had enough in the refrigerator for a meal. Meaning – at least 20 some . . .

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Garden Daybook 11/15/12


The idea for this post came to me as I stood in my garden and saw all the empty raised beds. Well, maybe . . .

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