The Treehouse

You will be seeing more of these eventually, but this is the beginning of a new category for The Kitchen Cousins. We are calling it “Road Trip”. Our working definition is anything that doesn’t happen on Fran’s property or Mary Ann’s property. Participatory Dining was an awesome start but I can’t think of a better second effort. Come along and enjoy the journeys with us.

Fran and I have just returned from a 4-day working vacation and, I, for one, am having trouble adjusting. It was just a little over a year ago that we launched our blog, September 16, 2012, to be exact. We decided it was time to review where we had been, where we were going, what we liked, what we didn’t like… you know, all those things they focus on when companies have “retreats”. We knew we need to get “away”. No distractions or interruptions. I had been trying to find a place for some time and one day, an article appeared in the local paper about a treehouse that had recently been built and was available for occupancy. I got on-line, looked at some photos and got in touch with the owners. I checked some dates with Fran and booked the Treehouse. At the time, neither of us realized it was just one week after our launch anniversary. There was cell phone service but no wifi and it was glorious!IMG_1803


We arrived on Monday, found the path to the Tree House and as we rounded the small bend from the parking lot, this is what we saw… We both stopped and just gawked. It looked just like the photos on the website but seeing it in person was almost magical. Some people may have been somewhat put off, but both Fran and I are not averse to solitude. There are many times when we embrace it. We just knew it was going to be a wonderful few days.

The Tree House comfortably sleeps six. There are two double beds in the loft and a bedroom off the living area. Fran got the bedroom because it has a door and I snore. I was in the loft. I could look out the window or the skylight and see stars and the moon. The kitchen consists of a two-burner stove, toaster oven and two mini-fridges.Good enough.











When we woke, and it was early because we went to bed early (no TV but a monitor and DVD player). The views off the back deck were spectacular. Sunrise over the hills, fog in the valley…


Most of the time, we worked on the deck. What an office! Did I mention that the weather was perfect?


And when the office was closed for the day…IMG_1726

…we met some new friends…










…and saw some sights.










When our exploration was over, we headed back to the Treehouse for dinner, a movie and early to bed. The next day, the magic happened all over again. This kind of get-away isn’t for everyone, but if you enjoy a little solitude from time to time, I highly recommend it. Just FYI, there are a few cabins on the property and they have just completed a “Grand Barn” which has conference and wedding facilities. We got the full tour and it is wonderful.



Although it was difficult to leave, it had to happen. We have decided we are going back next year and the last evening there we will watch “Julie and Julia”. I believe a tradition has been borne. As a goodbye gift to the Treehouse, we left a Kitchen Cousins apron. I can’t imagine it will be there very long, but we feel like we are now a little piece of the wonder called The Treehouse.

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3 comments to The Treehouse

  • Debbie Venus-Fenrich

    How awesome!! I would love to stay there!!! Where is it? It sounded perfect for the two of you “little nature girls”!!!!! Thanks for sharing. Isn’t it funny how things evolved?

  • Patty Ruane

    Beautiful place and great pictures! Love the natural tree branch fencing around the deck. Sounds like The Treehouse exceeded your expectations. Oh yeah, I could feel the crunch of that outside inside cheese sandwich.

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