bonesI believe that everyone in my family (immediate and/or extended) deserves extra special attention from time to time.  This post is primarily aimed at those of you who have canines in your “family”.  Lord knows, my dogs get special treatment as I believe they are special to my family.  As the title of this post indicates, in my house, these particular treats are called “pupsicles” and are always in the freezer.   Pupsicles are beef (leg) bones.  All responsible dog owners know that not all bones are suitable for dog treats.  Soft bones and/or bones that can splinter can be extremely dangerous and potentially fatal to dogs.  Hence, beef bones, available from most butchers.  They may also be sold as soup bones in some cases.  In days past, butchers would give them away but….well, you know how it goes… when there’s a buck to be made.  Besides, they aren’t expensive, especially when measured against the joy I get from my dogs.

The bones can be found in different lengths.  Feel free to match them to your dog’s size, but if you ask them, they might not agree.  To them, bigger is always better.  And, if they have to work hard at getting all the marrow out, all the better.

I keep a bunch of these in the freezer at all times.  They are greatdog w bone for treats, when your dogs are being rowdy and need to be calmed down, when they’re bothering guests…fill in the blank.  They LOVE the marrow and I give them the bones frozen.  It keeps them busy for a loooong time.  Here’s my Chessie, D2, having his way with a pupsicle.  As you can see, he has a firm grip on it and is intent on enjoying every bit of marrow he can get his tongue on.  Once the bones are cleaned inside and out, and believe me, they will be, don’t throw them away.  They will gnaw on the bones from time to time and you can fill them with peanut butter (my dogs’ favorite), cheese or what ever they happen to enjoy.  I have been told that this may be particularly useful for dogs that have separation anxiety.  It is something they enjoy and it keeps them busy for quite some time.

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