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Welcome to our little corner of the world. You are looking through the hops-covered arbor in the herb garden toward the vegetable garden. For the past 30 years my husband, Greg, and I have worked on these gardens. We have built the soil, cursed the weeds, built fences, gates, arbors, hoophouses, a chicken coop, and raised food for our pantry. Ultimately we learned how to do things for ourselves.

Now, in my 60’s, I look forward to my biggest challenge – The Kitchen Cousins. I admit that learning the technology necessary to get this blog on-line has been an excruciating experience and has taken an embarassing length of time. God Bless you Terry, our saintly blogmaster, for your patience and expertise. I have no doubt my frustrated rants had you questioning what you had gotten yourself into. I apologize for my impatience and rambling and dumb (I’m certain they were dumb) questions.

I need to thank my son Nick for his patience (well – mostly patience!) when I prodded him for answers to formatting problems. I totally understand the eye rolls when I asked the same question over and over! To my husband Greg I say thank you for your quiet patience when I ranted about formatting problems. To both Nick and Greg thank you for the many meals cooked and dishes washed, for the housekeeping chores that you did while I worked, and how both of you quietly disappeared when I needed alone time to get my head in gear to tackle frustrating problems. I could not have come this far without the two of you.

Perhaps the best part of The Kitchen Cousins, up till now, is that Mary Ann and I have come full circle. We started life together on the farm, lost each other and, through The Kitchen Cousins, have discovered common ground in gardening, cooking, and writing. This blog is a celebration of our reunion. We invite you to grow with us, cook with us, and join us as we share our collective experience. We hope you not only enjoy reading our posts but that our words and pictures inspire and encourage you to step out and try something new..

I look forward to sharing my little corner of the world.

Fran, The Country Cousin

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