Granite Countertop Cleaner

Granite Countertop Cleaner

If you don't learn from the pros, who can you learn from?  My countertop installer gave me this "recipe" for granite counterto… ...
Growing Ginger Root

Growing Ginger Root

I often wondered if it was possible to grow the Ginger root/Zingiber officinale I saw at our grocery store - so I decided to try. … ...
Sheet Mulching

Sheet Mulching

Have you heard of sheet composting? There it is in the picture. It doesn't look like much you say?? Well . . . it won't look lik… ...
Fries, Glorious Fries

Fries, Glorious Fries

There are almost as many names for this side dish as their are variations to the recipe.  I have heard them called Garbage Fries,… ...

Mrs. Chappo's Pickles


Mrs. Chappo was our neighbor when we lived in Elyria, Ohio in the late 70’s/early 80’s. She was a wonderful gardener and cook. . . .

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When Is Food Inappropriate


Personally, I believe the short answer is “never”. Whether you prepare it yourself or pick up a roasted chicken at the store, providing food . . .

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Pork Stock - It's So Easy!


This past Tuesday evening Mary Ann and I had our second class at the Bluescreek Farms booth in Columbus’s North Market. Bluescreek Farms raises . . .

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This was a result of one of those “AHA!” moments you may hear me refer to once in a while. I can’t remember where . . .

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Garden Daybook 8/8/13


Where is the sun??! We have had clouds and humid days for weeks on end. The peonies have mildew and the vegetable garden is . . .

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Meatball Appetizers


This past weekend I was invited to my third cousin’s first birthday party. BIG deal to turn one. I asked his mom what I . . .

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Garden Daybook 8/1/13


My collective thoughts for this year’s frustrated gardeners: Never give up! Maybe it will stop raining?! There is always next year! Try planting a . . .

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Chicken Scallopini


For several years, my mom and I would go to the Cleveland Home and Garden Show. We both loved it. The biggest problem was . . .

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