Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time


Nice fan, don’t you think? We bought this fan years ago and we love it. However, I cleaned it yesterday and was reminded that just maybe, it wasn’t the best decision we ever made. This lovely copper fan with black blades hangs in the kitchen. It goes perfectly with the black appliances and counter top (I know it sounds strange but it looks great) and other copper accents and a copperish color on the walls.

The kitchen is not large but a lot of cooking happens in there. While there is a downdraft vent on the stove, it doesn’t vent grease. THAT rises and floats around until it finds a place to live. And in this kitchen, you guessed it, a lot of it ends up on the fan. It is then joined by dust and, over time, a lot of it. And it is a bear to clean. But, it is clean now and, once again, I love it. At least for a month or so.

Incidentally, the same goes for the track lights.

I guess this belongs in the category or “Look before you leap”.

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