'No Excuses' Mail Box - Step One and Two

Step one: find the box. I know this mailbox seems to be in bad shape. It probably is not something you would want in your garden. But I have big plans for it. I have gardens planted throughout our property. I often find myself, say, just outside the fruit garden and realize that my tools are in the back garden. Ahhh, I say, too bad. Guess I won’t clean out those weeds just yet. I know, I know, that is a pitiful excuse for not getting things done. Unfortunately I use that excuse more often than I would like to admit.

It dawned on me that if I could find simple storage for hand tools in each garden area, I would get a lot more done. I began to keep my eyes open for a solution. Soon after, I found this mailbox at a rummage sale in nearby Wellington. When I saw it laying on the ground I thought “OOOH! That ugly thing just might be what I have been searching for!” The box is BIG, it is all I can do to lift it, and will definitely hold a complete set of basic hand tools. I plan to store two kneeling pads, pruners, a ruler, a small level ( for stepping stones), a hand trowel, my beloved three pronged weeder, a brush for cleaning stone walls and stepping stones, and a small notebook and pen. I suppose I’ll put in gloves although I rarely wear them.

It is such a struggle to pick a paint color. I do know that I don’t want flowers or words painted on the box. I want it to blend into the garden and not fight the plants for attention. I want the garden filled to overflowing with plants not obvious “stuff”. After the box is painted Greg will mount it on a post near the main garden gate. Ohhh – I just thought of another helpful idea. I think I’ll have Greg put a good sized hook on the post directly under the mailbox. I can hang a bucket or bin on the hook making it easy to grab when I weed. Hopefully, when things are organized I’ll magically have a neater garden!

Step two: I sprayed the flag with a new can of yellow spray paint but it sprayed chunks and was watery. Something is not right with the paint. So – – back to the store for a return. And – – I think I have changed my mind about the colors. Gads!!

Step Two – Again: What a difference a coat of paint makes. I love the burgundy color. In fact, I think I will paint a table and three metal chairs, for the back garden, the same color. I can’t wait for the mailbox to be put up in the garden. I know Greg has the finished plan in his head and I know how I want it to look – still – you just never know how it will turn out. Patience Fran, Patience. I’ll post a picture of the finished project – probably later this fall.

Hey from the farm,

Fran The Country Cousin


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