Kitchen Dogs

Have you heard of ‘truck dogs’? You know, the ones that ride around in the bed of pick-up trucks and don’t jump out until told to. I know its like everything else, training is key. One time, I was in Denver. I pulled into a restaurant parking lot and there were two dogs in the bed of a truck. They were just hanging out. All sorts of things were going on all around them and they just stayed in that truck. I went into the restaurant, had breakfast, came back out, and they were still there. If those were my dogs, they would have been long gone,

My dogs, on the other hand, are ‘kitchen dogs’. If I’m in the kitchen cooking, they are in the kitchen hoping something jumps off the counter. It happens often enough that they have trained themselves to be there, and stay there until there is no longer any possibility that they could get lucky.


This is the well-behaved version. When they’re in full “if-it-drops-it-ain’t-hittin’-the-floor” mode, they get between me and the counter (or sink, or stove). Its bad enough when the little one does it, but when the big boy gets in there…. This is my view.

The big boy is D2. His full name is Starship Cruiser Droid R2. His call name is D2. He is NOT a chocolate lab with a perm. He is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever,a direct descendant of a Westminster Best-In-Breed Chesapeake (I love to tell people that). The little one, Sadie, is a Lhasa Apsa-Bichon mix who needed a home. Trust me when I tell you she gives as good as she gets. This is the only angle to photograph them from because when they see the camera, they head in the other direction.

In the event that I’m not making enough noise in the kitchen to get their attention, I still don’t have to clean up any spills. All I have to do is say, “Uh-oh”, and they magically appear and take care of business. Heaven forbid someone should unwittingly utter, “Uh-oh”. They will snap to attention and wonder why no one is in the kitchen and there’s no food on the floor.

I love my dogs. They are always welcome in my kitchen, well, usually.

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