A Woman's Woom, a.k.a, Woom with a View

I may be in my 60’s, but I still have a lot of little kid left in me. Basically, I think I just refuse to grow up. If I can’t have a little whimsy and a little fun in my life once in a while, its time to pack it up. I think this philosophy is reflected in my office. I live in an older house. It was built with 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths, which is pretty amazing when you realize the house was built in 1929, just before the crash. We are fortunate in that we also have the abstract for the property and can see all the liens placed on the property. It wasn’t quite finished before the crash. The whimsy? The floor. Meant for a kids room, it was just the thing for my little kid, me.

The third, so-called, bedroom is pretty small. Initially, we made it into a small TV room, emphasis on small. We had an L-shaped sofa, a comfy chair and a television. It was OK for two, but no more. It was so small, the dogs had to leave the room to turn around, especially the big boy.

I always wanted an office for my “stuff”. I have two other small businesses (again, emphasis on small – I’m the only employee) and my “office” used to be in a medium-sized TV cabinet in the corner of the dining room. My credenza was the dining room table. That meant, when ever we wanted to use the dining room table, I had to hide all my stuff, cram it in the cabinet or schlep it upstairs or a combination of all three. Well, things got lost. Especially when my housemate decided to “help” and stuff, cram or schlep without my knowing exactly where things went. Well, eventually, the furniture started to show signs of a little wear. Mostly, we later determined, due to the fact that the dogs apparently spent their days in there, wearing out the sofa.

So, out went the furniture and the space became mine, all mine, with the understanding that I could do whatever I wanted in there and no one could complain. They could, however, close the door if they were so inclined. The first stage was the floor. It was an old wooden floor and most of the finish was worn off. Something had to go down and, like most people, I initially thought it would be an area rug. Well, I couldn’t find the combination of size and color I wanted. Then, one day, I was wandering through our big box store and spotted these floor “tiles”. For those of you who haven’t seen them, they are a little less than ½ inch thick, approximately 2′ square and they fit together like puzzle pieces. It took a while to get the tiles cut and placed but it was worth it. Its nice and cushy to walk on. So the woom began to take shape. Woom with a view was my housemate’s idea. The “view” is overlooking our back and side yard. Nice trees and lots of calming greenery, great for contemplation.

Then, of course, since it is a small room, I had trouble finding a desk that would fit and still leave a little room for some shelves and a small chair. The TV stayed. I wound up with an assemble-it-yourself desk that was almost the perfect size. And, while I’m pretty handy with tools, I had to walk away 3 or 4 times because things just were not going well and were going to go a lot worse if I kept at it. Eventually, it became a desk. Add a computer, printer, small but comfortable chair and ottoman and ta-da, an office was born.

The photos had been there for several years. It was decided that it was way more fun to have them on the wall than in an album that nobody ever looked in. So my family oversees my work. Its kind of fun.

So now, some of my blog is written in there. Not all of it because sometimes I’m working at the kitchen counter while I try to make dinner at the same time. One of these days, if I’m not careful, I’m going to try to braise my laptop. Anyway, this is my office and I love it, red walls and all!

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