The Chicken Chronicles - Chapter Three

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Construction begins! That is Greg standing in what will soon, I hope, be our new chicken coop. Imagination, folks, use your imagination!! A bit of hard work and creativity and we will have a beautiful two-room chicken coop. I know it looks pretty bad right now but we have a few things going for us. One, the north and west sides of the coop are protected by mature pine and spruce trees so our chickens will have shade on hot summer days and protection from cold, winter winds. Two, Greg is building on the original raised foundation so, hopefully, the off the ground floor will deter invading rodents. Also, the open space under the coop will give the chickens a safe spot to scurry if flying predators shadow the yard.

So far Greg has measured everything and has cast his calculating eyes over our collection of waiting to be recycled “stuff”. I know he has a coop plan mapped out and has matched the “stuff” to the future coop. The building has been stripped down to a bare skeleton. Let’s begin.


Step one – Flooring. Having the flooring down gives the building a sense of stability and gives Greg a safe working platform. Look closely and you can see, to the right or front, the floor is down. To the left or back – nothing. Greg wants to finish one room so we can get our chicks safely tucked away and then finish the second, back room. We want two rooms to give ourselves options. We plan to have laying hens plus, at different times, possibly a broody hen and her chicks or meat chickens. At this point we are still using our imagination!!

Step two – Framing walls and windows. At this point we had to spend a few dollars on new 2×4’s and nails. You can already see that we have an odd collection of windows. Each of three sides of the coop will have a matching set of windows. I keep telling myself that the finished coop will be whimsical. Greg says it will be hobbit like. As far as the wall framing goes – forget plumb lines – our coop stands strong at its own angles.

The salvaged windows had to have old, dried putty scraped away and new points and glazing applied. Nick organized a temporary work area and spent many afternoons tediously scraping and glazing. I have not calculated what new windows would have cost but I know that six new ones would have greatly added to the cost of the coop. The windows will not match but I vote for that “whimsical” look and low cost!

We have imagined this coop on paper and in our minds and it is so exciting to see it “becoming”. Look for Chapter Four next Saturday – Windows in – Siding going up – Equipment reconstruction – The chickens are home!


Hey from the farm,
Fran The Country Cousin

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