The Chicken Chronicles - Chapter Five

Last week I showed you the finished (mostly) front room of the coop. This updated picture shows you the finished inside wall of the front room and the floor and supports for the back room. The beginning of the walls and windows of the back room gives us a clearer picture of how the finished coop will look.

The back room – to the left – will give us a separate space for meat chickens or a broody hen and her chicks. Greg will eventually build the new fencing so that each room has a separate fenced yard. We can keep the flocks separated, rotate the yards, or allow the chickens to use both yards at once. I like that we have several options for controlling our flock.

Siding and windows are finished and we have two enclosed rooms – one for the laying hens and one for meat chickens or a broody hen.


We also have a solid outside door, new steps, and a ramp for the chickens. We had been using a small step ladder to get into the coop so the new steps are so much safer.



Greg covered the outside of the windows with hardware cloth and then added trim to give the windows a finished look and add strength to the hardware cloth. We sleep well knowing that the coop is raccoon proof and our hens are cuddled safely together on their roost for the night.


If you look back through past chapters of The Chicken Chronicles you will see a picture of the interior with a roost built of branches. This newer picture shows the 2×4 roost that Greg built. The hens seem to be more comfortable with the new roost. We have added straw bedding and a hanging feeder.

At last, a weather tight, raccoon-proof coop. If you look closely, just to the left of the coop, you can see the two uprights that hold the gate that divides the yard into two separate areas. Now would be a good time to go back to The Chicken Chronicles – Chapter One and compare the picture of the finished coop to the first picture of the old foundation. What a journey! Next Saturday I will share up-close pictures of refinements and bring you up to date on our flock. We have some new members! Let’s just say that the back room has already come in handy!

Hey from the farm,
Fran The Country Cousin

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