Garden Daybook 9/3/12

Run for your life!! The zucchini is STILL growing!!! Good Golly Miss America!!! I have grown zucchini for years but I have NEVER grown one like the one that is taking over my garden this summer. It has covered a 4×5 foot support. It has obliterated a row of Boldog Paprika Peppers. It is has a nearby caged Box Car Will tomato gasping for air. One vine has breeched the edge of the raised bed, traveled north across a five foot grass path, and is menacing the asparagus row. Make it stop!! This is the first year I have grown this particular summer squash. I wrote in an earlier post – rather innocently – that Tromboncino doesn’t need “rambling room”. WRONG!

Allow me to share the innocent beginning to this garden monster story. It all began one quiet winter afternoon. Maybe it sounded too good to be true but, being a sucker for a well written seed catalog description, I took the bait. I faintly remember reading something about an “Italian summer squash”, “…. may be harvested anytime, from just a few inches through its full size”, …. rich flavor”, … a vining variety that is best trellised” . . . no kidding! I added this squash to the order sheet, wrote out a check, stuffed them both into the return envelope. The seed arrived in good time (it always does when I order from Territorial Seed) and I stored it in a canning jar in the refrigerator. I direct seeded my Tromboncino seeds into a raised bed in mid-June and they germinated quickly. I wasn’t concerned for say – oh, about a month, maybe a little longer. Then WHOOSH!! It is now early September and we could lose a small child in that bed.

Tromboncino is a summer squash. All of the seeds are contained in the bulbous end. The rest of the squash, the “neck”, is solid squash. I have found that, no matter it’s size, the meat of this squash is tender and sweet. So – – we have a summer squash that is delicious even when it grows huge, we have no seeds to contend with because once you chop off the bulbous end they are gone, we have a squash that is kitchen ready – small or large without peeling, and it is always tasty! We have a winner! Tromboncino will be back next year.

So far we have sliced and stir fried this squash in olive oil with garlic, a little soy sauce, and parmesan cheese. Yum!

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