Garden Daybook 6/8/12

I cannot believe how fast the onions are growing. They were planted on March 30, took root quickly, and now look at them! My goal is to keep them weeded, watered, and fertilized and get the leaves as big as I can by June 21. That date is the summer solstice and that is when our daylight hours are fifteen hours long. Just after the summer solstice the daylight hours begin to shorten and the onions begin to bulb. They will grow bulbs until the end of July or early August when I will pull and cure them for winter storage. So – – right now I am watering and weeding and imagining myself pulling really, really BIG onions in late July.

I finally managed to get the Blue Lake pole beans planted this evening. Greg put up the bed frame supports that make my yearly “wall-o-beans”. We use two horizontal mattress frames and tie them to tall metal posts for support. Greg bolts on strips of wood across the top of the posts. He strings twine from the metal frames to the wood strips along the top. The beans will eventually climb up to the very top of this frame.

Just so you know – the picture of the stringed section of the bean support is from last year’s garden.

I used a hoe to dig a 2 inch deep trench along the base of the frames and sowed the bean seed loosely along the trench. I planted the bean seed deep because the soil is very warm and dry. I backfilled the trench and used the hoe to pat the soil down firmly. Last of all – and probably best of all – I got to stand in the garden on a perfectly beautiful spring evening and listen to the hot, dry soil sizzle as I sprayed it with cold water from the hose. Yay! The beans pole beans are planted!






Hey from the farm,

Fran, The Country Cousin

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