Garden Daybook 6/23/12

Have you ever grown figs? Our ‘Brown Turkey Fig’ has grown happily in a half wine barrel for many years. We winter the fig in our hoop house each winter and trundle it out into the herb garden each summer. A few springs ago we realized that half the tree had died. Heavy pruning forced healthy new growth and this summer the tree is full of figs. I am impatient for that sweet bite of the first fig – they simply do not ripen fast enough to suit me. I never get enough figs to turn into anything other than quick bites while standing in the garden. Still, they are a luxurious out of hand treat and, for me, a taste that can only be had when picked in my own garden.


A few years ago we planted both a Butler and a Fingerlakes hazelnut. FYI you need two kinds of hazelnuts for pollination. The plants have been slowly developing into larger and more mature plants. This spring, finally, we have nuts and they are beautiful! You can see the twin brown nuts at the top of each flowery growth. The problem now is to be patient while the nuts mature. If all goes well and nothing beats us to the nuts as they ripen – – we will feast of fresh hazelnuts – – – all 12 of them!


Hey from the farm,
Fran, The Country Cousin

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