Garden Daybook 5/7/12

I couldn’t wait to get into the garden this morning to see the onion patch. I finished mulching in the dark yesterday evening and couldn’t see the finished bed. I always imagine, as I fall into bed, that some nocturnal creature will walk through a finished bed and wreak havoc. I imagine myself having to find the time to replant and remulch everything. Not to worry. The onion bed looked great this morning as these photos show. It feels so good to know that this much of the spring garden is done . . . at least until the grass clippings decompose and have to be replaced.

I planted lots of onions this year. Seriously, I planted lots of onions this year. I should have enough for canning soups, salsa, and sauces, for fresh summer use, for winter storage, with enough left to share.

I managed to plant a flat of leeks this afternoon. As the temperatures drop in the fall I will begin to pull them and make a family favorite, Potato leek soup with little dumplings. I store my leeks right in the garden all winter. I usually mulch them heavily for protection and to keep the ground from freezing so I can dig them easily. But, for the last few years, I have mulched very lightly and they managed to over winter and be ready for spring potato soup.

My Therese Bugnet rose is in full bud. Today she opened her first bloom. Therese Bugnet, a rugosa rose, has beautiful red stems and has a true rose scent. This rose is not susceptible to black spot and that means no spraying. I love it!

Rain this evening.

Hey from the farm,

Fran, The Country Cousin


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