Garden Daybook 5/6/12

The first thing I saw this morning was the huge Super Moon resting on the treetops to the West of our house. She was still gorgeous, even in the sunlit morning. I looked again a few minutes later and she was gone, swallowed by the trees. Good bye Bella luna. Thanks for the memories.

Nick found this nest on the ground while doing morning chores. I think it’s a robins nest. The bowl of the nest is carefully lined with fine, soft pieces of dried grass. What a sad end for all the hard work and anticipation of the mother robin. I like to think that she built a second, safer, nest and laid her eggs there.

It’s 9 p.m. and I just came in from the garden. I finished mulching the onions with grass clippings. This is always a rather tedious job because it must be done carefully. I crawl along the rows, kneeling mat to kneeling mat, and place the clippings, handful by handful, around each small plant. I had 16 rows to cover and . . . Yay! . . . I finished. By the time I was done it was too dark for pictures. I’ll post a shot of the mulched rows tomorrow.

Good night from the farm,

Fran The Country Cousin

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