Garden Daybook 5/2/12

The tree peony has exploded. Look at her – – she’s gorgeous. The blue scilla in front of the peony came from Mary Ann’s Mom (Aunt Mema) in a cardboard box labeled “Blue Flowers”. This peony is in the front garden and always looks best in soft morning light. The front garden faces East so the morning sun lights the plants up with that low angled light that infuses soft colors with life. I have filled this garden with mostly spring and early summer flowers and soft colors. As the summer heats up and the light becomes harsher this garden fades away to foliage and hides it’s gorgeousness until next spring.

My good friend and fellow herb lover, Mary Ann (not the K.C. Cousin Mary Ann!), brought this tray of herbs to me this morning. I found Red Clover, Betony, Holy Basil, Self-heal, and Purslane. I know all but the Holy Basil grow wild but these small plants will insure that I have a “close-at-hand” supply. Mary Ann and I are both collecting medicinal herbs this summer. We share with each other so that if my planting is somehow lost she will have a supply to share and vice-versa. This tray of plants was a happy start to my day.

Then . . . this afternoon I stopped to see my good friend Bonnie and left with six bags of perennials for my flower gardens. Nothing is better that having friends that garden! I brought home: Mountain Bluets/Centaurea montana, Mountain Mint/Pycnanthemun, Sea lavender/ Limoniun latifolium, Gay feather/Liatris spicata, and Rose campion/Lychnis coronaria.

All in all a great day for the gardens.

Hey from the farm,

Fran, The Country Cousin

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