Deck Potatoes



OK, so Summer is in full swing and this is a long view of our deck. And yes, that’s my dog’s butt. This year, my housemate (who I am considering calling “The Urbane Gardener) is growing flowers, herbs and vegetables.


potato bud


This year’s “experiment” is potatoes grown in a bag. And, these little guys are itty, bitty potato plants just peaking out of the soil. Every time they do that, you’re supposed to cover them up.








Well, they have now far exceeded the upper limits of their potato bag…










…and are even sporting buds. Hey Fran, when do we harvest these things? There’s a trap door to accomplish that and everything.

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1 comment to Deck Potatoes

  • Fran

    Wow! Are the potatoes in the full sun? They look as if they are reaching for light! I would mulch the top of the soil to keep the potatoes covered so they don’t turn green. When you get a nice set of flowers you can reach into the bag- maybe use that trap door!, and feel around for very small potatoes and carefully harvest them for fabulous “new potatoes” or allow them all to mature. You can tell the potatoes are done growing when the tops shrivel up, and turn yellow. Then you can empty the bag and see what treasure you have grown.

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