Treehouse Pork Loin in a Toaster Oven

Last week I showed you several Sandwiches Mary Ann and I made while on our working vacation to the Treehouse. They were GOOD! but truth be told the best meal we made is pictured here. The pork loin in this picture was baked in a toaster oven. I had never used a toaster oven before out trip to the Treehouse and was not certain that I would be able to cook this particular cut of meat without an “real” oven. I think Mary Ann would agree, it was definitely a success.

IMG_1892 small

I had packed apricot jam to mix with spicy mustard to coat the small pork loin (GOOD!) but Mary Ann informed that she did not like anything sweet with her meat so . . . we decided to use fresh garlic and the sprig of rosemary I had also packed “just in case”. I cut slits in the pork and pushed in garlic slivers – lots of garlic slivers along with small pieces of rosemary. I finished the roast with a rub of olive oil, a generous sprinkle of salt and freshly ground pepper, and the last of the fresh rosemary. I wrapped the meat tightly in foil and refrigerated it until dinner time.

IMG_1848 small

To cook the roast I covered the oven drip pan with foil to make clean up easier. I put the roast on the rack, set the toaster oven on broil, and closed the door. Here’s hoping!! I had a quick read thermometer and I tested the meat often until the temperature reached 160°. You can see how beautifully the roast began to color and sizzle. The cabin smelled so good! The picture is of the roast in progress.

IMG_1859 small

When the thermometer read 150° we set the roast on a plate and covered it with foil to rest for about 10 minutes.

IMG_1882 small

I admit I was surprised – look at this beautiful roast! In a toaster oven! We did not have a “recipe” but simply used what I had packed “just in case”. The garlic and rosemary are classic flavors with pork and I’m glad I thought to pack them.

IMG_1887 small

For sides I sauteed sliced shallots (from my garden) in olive oil until they were crispy and served them with steamed green beans. We also had small red potatoes cooked, cut side down, in sizzling olive oil, butter, and garlic and onion . . . . .

IMG_1856 small

until they were just crispy on the outside and soft part way through. I flipped them over, poured in about 1/2 cup water and covered them until they were tender all the way through. A sprinkling of fresh chives finished them off.

IMG_1866 small

All this in a minimal kitchen – a two burner stove and a toaster oven. We met the challenge and we won! Boy oh boy we feasted!

IMG_1892 small

Since we are talking about a treehouse I thought I would end this post with a picture of the treehouse built in 1964 by my sister Stephanie, two girl friends, and myself. We thought it was fabulous. We worked hard dragging the building materials across the field to the woods. Our treehouse stood until the woods where we played were bought for a park. It was torn down when the park road was paved.

1964 treehouse

Hey from the farm,
Fran The Country Cousin

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