Standy-Uppy Chicken

This is another easy one and its just a little more sophisticated than sitting your chicken on a beer can. All you need is a chicken, some seasoning and an instrument of medieval torture….

Standy-Uppy Chicken


  • Vertical roaster
  • One whole chicken
  • Seasoning (use your favorite – lemon/pepper, rosemary/garlic, garlic/herb, Canadian chicken, Jamaican Jerk…)
  • Cooking spray or oil


OK, maybe its not an instrument of medieval torture. Its really a vertical roaster and not one of the $100-dollar-electric-rotator ones, although I have one of those, too. Technically, this is not a vertical roaster for a chicken. It is a "Spanek Vertical Game Hen Rack" which may be suitable for smaller chickens. They also come in chicken and turkey sizes. These can be found in some kitchen stores or online. A link also exists on our main page.
Make sure the chicken is totally defrosted. Season the chicken liberally with your choice of seasoning. If you don’t have any, or are just trying to get the darn thing in the oven, plain old salt and pepper works just fine.
Place the seasoned chicken on a baking sheet and place in a preheated 350º oven for about 1½ to 2 hours, depending on the size of your chicken. If you want to check, cut between the thigh and the breast and pull the leg away from the breast. If there’s any pink in there, let it cook some more. Its easy and its goooood and yummmmmy. Look, I think its waving!
Serve this with Garlic Smashed Tateys and your family will LOVE you!

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