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Mary Ann’s post The Treehouse showed you where we were lucky enough to spend our working vacation. We talked a lot, walked a lot, turned in early, and managed, despite a minimal kitchen, to eat wonderful meals. We knew that the kitchen was equipped with two small fridges, a toaster oven, a coffee pot, a sink, and a two burner gas insert. Mary Ann had her coffee pot and I packed my tea pot so breakfasts were simple. I planned soup and sandwiches for lunches and one sandwich/salad supper. One dinner, which I will show you in my next post, was a fabulous pork loin in the toaster oven.

Now . . . about those sandwiches. I had already made Italian Wedding Soup and Potato Leek Soup and wanted sandwiches to finish off our lunches. I baked a loaf of New York Times No Knead Bread and I know from past experience that it makes the ultimate toasted sandwich so that was my starting point. Every sandwich lover knows that you can’t go wrong with BACON so it was a no-brainer to choose BLT’s for our first lunch. The bacon cooked in a skillet on the two burner “stove’, the bread toasted in the toaster oven, and our first lunch was done in minutes. Toasted bread, Hellman’s (my bow to Mary Ann’s dislike for Miracle Whip), lettuce, thick, crispy bacon, tomato and a mug of hot Italian Wedding Soup. We were off to a good start. Surprise #1 HOMEMADE BREAD . . oh and maybe the BACON . . THICK BACON!

IMG_2435 small
I mentioned earlier that this bread makes great toasted sandwiches so I matched the bread with Bavarian ham and cheese. I wanted to make the sandwiches special so I brought along a wedge of Parmigiano – Reggiano for a surprise finish. We grated the cheese, buttered the bread, and pushed the finely grated cheese onto the buttered sides of the bread.

IMG_1814 small

We assembled the sandwiches: bread, buttered-cheesy side down, spicy mustard, ham, cheese, ham, bread buttered-cheesy side up and popped them into a skillet. OOOHWEE! The outside was crunchy-buttery-cheesy and the inside was hot-melty-cheesy = Inside Outside Hot Ham and Cheese. Surprise #2 PARMIGIANO-REGGIANO. I will most definitely do the outside cheese again.

IMG_1823 small

I wanted to surprise Mary Ann and cook lamb from Blues Creek Farms (where we have taken sausage making and meat cutting classes). I still had a leg steak in my freezer and I knew it work for quick sandwiches because it would cook quickly and still be tender. I also packed lettuce, tomato, onion, garlic, feta, cucumber, sour cream, and a package of flat bread for a quick Greek sandwich.

IMG_1756 small

We cut the lamb into bite-sized pieces and sautéed it in olive oil, butter, chopped onion, lots of garlic, salt and pepper. It smelled so good at this point we could have stood over the stove with forks and finished off every last bite directly out of the pan.

IMG_1747 small

But we didn’t. We piled it into folded flat bread and topped it with the chopped tomato, cucumber, lettuce, feta, and sour cream. Oh my! We had a “drip down your chin” sandwich. Surprise #3 LAMB! I brought a simple rice salad to pair with the lamb and dinner was perfect.

IMG_1755 small

Our one year anniversary retreat was definitely a memory trip. We had no T.V. or computer access so we relied on each other and it has brought us closer together. We are already making plans for next year’s trip. Thanks, Mary Ann, for finding the Treehouse. I’m so glad we are together on this Kitchen Cousins journey. We can only get better.


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  • Debbie Venus-Fenrich

    The “sandwich” queens you two are!! You can sure make the best of a tiny simple kitchen! What great sounding lunches! Thanks! The Treehouse sounds lovely and very inviting!

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