Hummus - With Linda's Help!

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I first tasted  good Hummus on a trip to The Treehouse with Linda, Dottie, Annie, and Lisa. Linda whipped up a batch for a dinner that included Annie’s just made Naan and a mixed green salad dressed with olive oil and Balsamic vinegar. I was blown away!! Let’s just say that I inhaled my dinner! Hummus is quick, uses few ingredients, and is good for you! We spread our warm Naan with the Hummus – oh my! YUM!

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Hummus – Linda’s Recipe – As close as I can get it!

1 can of Garbanzos – a.k.a. Chick Peas – drained with liquid saved
1/4 c. Tahini – a.k.a  Sesame Paste – more or less, to your taste – mix the container of Tahini well then measure out the 1/4 c.
Juice of one lemon – approximately – Linda says that bottled lemon juice will do in a pinch
1 clove garlic – roughly chopped
2 Tablespoons good olive oil – approximately –  I used Garlic olive oil from The Oilerie in Columbus
1/2 t. cumin – optional – I added this, Linda does not, at least it was not in the list of ingredients she gave me
1/2 t. salt – or less – to taste

In a food processor blend the Chick Peas until fairly smooth. Add the Tahini and lemon juice and process until until very smooth. Stop the processor and scrape the bowl then add the chopped garlic, the olive oil, cumin – if using, and salt – add less than 1/2 t. of salt at first because you can always add more at the end when you adjust the final taste. Scrape the bowl and process until very smooth.

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It helps to stop and scrape the bowl a few times to incorporate everything well. If the Hummus seems too thick run the processor and little by little, dribble in the drained juice from the beans until you are happy with the thickness. Taste and add more Tahini or salt if necessary. Linda says that the best Hummus is very smooth and has “enough” Tahini. Trust me – she knows what she is talking about! Her Hummus is the best!

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Spread the Hummus in a pretty bowl – give it a pretty swirl and finish it with a sprinkle of good olive oil. Refrigerate it until you serve it. Serve it with pita bread or Naan and/or  vegies like carrot and celery sticks for dipping. Leftovers – if there are any! – are good on breakfast toast.

Thank you, Linda, for my Hummus lesson. I will practice until I get a close approximation of yours! Adjusting the amounts of Tahini, lemon juice, and salt should get me there!

Hey from the farm,
Fran    The Country Cousin

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