Garlic Smashed Tateys

Several years ago, I gave a friend of mine recipes for Thanksgiving Turkey and Garlic Mashed Potatoes. The Monday after Thanksgiving, I asked her how her family liked the turkey. She said they liked the turkey just fine but they LOVED the garlic mashed potatoes. I have also made these for many friends over the years and, one time, a friend of mine was having a birthday. When I asked her what she wanted, she said, “Five pounds of your garlic tateys!” Soooo, as you might expect… start with new red potatoes.

Garlic Smashed Tateys


  • Baby New Red Potatoes, 4 - 5 lb
  • Garlic salt (2 tbsp - personally, I'd use more because I love garlic)
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Butter, 6 tbsp
  • Chives -1/2 cup
  • Sour cream, 8 oz


You can use any kind but I prefer baby new reds.
Rinse your tateys and cut them in quarters or halves depending on the size. No, you do not have to peel them. Remember that the smaller the pieces, the quicker it cooks. Bring to a boil and continue to boil until fork tender. Drain.
Once drained, add sour cream, butter, garlic salt (I love LOVE garlic, so I would probably use more than almost anyone), chives and a little pepper. Sour cream and butter amounts can be adjusted, depending on the desired consistency.
Mash with a hand-masher to get it started then use a hand-held electric mixer until relatively smooth, or go ahead and use the hand masher. After all, that’s the way we all used to do it before the advent of hand mixers. If it seems a little dry, don’t hesitate to add some more butter or sour cream. Also, don’t be afraid of a few lumps. After all, if there aren’t a few lumps, how will people know they’re home made? Adjust seasoning as desired and enjoy!


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