Classic Cucumbers and Sour Cream

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My version of Cucumbers and Sour Cream has a short list of ingredients – cucumbers fresh from the garden, salt, dill, lemon, and sour cream. Anyone can make an acceptable version of this recipe with grocery store “English” Cucumbers but I look forward to the summer version: cucumbers, crispy and gorgeous right out of the vegetable garden and dill from the herb garden so fragrant it’s smell fills the kitchen.

Begin by cutting off the ends and peeling the cucumbers. Amounts for this recipe are measured by your need. More or less will not matter in the final results.

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Slice the cucumbers thinly. I use a v slicer with a finger guard and slice the cucumbers directly into a bowl.

cucumbers slicing small

Salt the cucumbers, I use large Pretzel Salt,  and distribute it through the cucumbers with your hands. I salt heavily – at least 2 tablespoon for 3-4 large cucumbers.

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 Top the cucumbers with ice cubes, cover, and refrigerate for at least 3 hours. The salt draws moisture from the cucumbers and the ice keep things crunchy.

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After at least 3 hours drain the cucumbers and squeeze them with your hands to remove as much water as possible. Lay the cucumbers on a towel and pat them dry. Too much moisture in the cucumbers will thin the dressing so dry them carefully.

cucumbers draining small

Add sour cream and a healthy squeeze of fresh lemon juice and mix well to distribute the dressing. Add the sour cream bit by bit until you are satisfied with the consistency. Your taste buds will tell you when it is “right”. I like my Cucumber salad a bit frothy, creamy, and lemony so when I dry the cucumbers I leave a bit of moisture on them. Some recipes call for white vinegar but I find the fresh lemon juice makes a less tart, somewhat sweeter dressing.

cucumber sour cream and lemon small

This salad is best well chilled. I like to sprinkle fresh, chopped, dill and a bit of lemon rind over the top. Chilled ‘Cucumbers and Sour Cream’ are a special summer treat. I eat them for breakfast – with buttered toast, for lunch –  with a sandwich and/or soup, and for supper with anything. And . . . . the leftovers make a great afternoon snack.

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Hey from the farm,
Fran        The Country Cousin


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