Even God's Critters Repurpose


This little wren and his/her mate have taken up residence in our yard. And they have chosen an abandoned upside-down planter. Last year we grew tomatoes. This year, we appear to be fostering wrens. I’m just glad they’re not Blue Jays! Remember to reuse, . . .

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Smoker Bag


  Just so you know, this is a Smoker Bag. You might want to start checking around to see if you can find them . . .

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The City Cousin Knows Spring is Coming, too


OK, just so you know, Pennsylvania has Punxatawney Phil, Ohio has Buckeye Chuck, Gardeners have Fran and all you City Folk, you have . . .

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A Woman's Woom, a.k.a, Woom with a View


I may be in my 60’s, but I still have a lot of little kid left in me. Basically, I think I just . . .

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OMG Easy Decadence


I don’t know how many of you have noticed, but there are now chocolate cream cheeses on the market. OMG! Its just like cream . . .

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Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time


Nice fan, don’t you think? We bought this fan years ago and we love it. However, I cleaned it yesterday and was reminded . . .

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Festooned with Dubloons


Fran, my cousin and partner in crime, was in town last weekend and I had her, her daughter and son-in-law over for dinner. We . . .

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'No Excuses' Mail Box - Step One and Two


Step one: find the box. I know this mailbox seems to be in bad shape. It probably is not something you would want in . . .

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