Sauerkraut - Happy Memories


  Being of Eastern European – Ukranian/Croation – ethnicity I grew up eating ‘kapusta’ aka sauerkraut. My childhood culinary memories are full of kapusta. . . .

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Baked Ziti


  Were you a Soprano’s fan? Do you ever get an itch for “Soprano” food? It seemed like Carmella always had some in . . .

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Sweet Potato Apple Pie Casserole


  This was our mid-October sweet potato patch – just before we dug the tubers. The vines were bug bitten and looking a bit . . .

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Grilled Cheese, Italian Style


I dreamed this up one day when I really wanted a grilled cheese sandwich but there was no “orange” cheese in the house. I . . .

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Crispy Apple Crisp


This past week Greg and I met OSU Extension friends for lunch at Rose Cafe / Lakeview. The conversation turned to this year’s abundance . . .

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Clam Bake


Mornings are crisp and cool. Afternoons are sunny and warm. Some of the leaves are just beginning to show signs of turning. All this . . .

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Treehouse Pork Loin in a Toaster Oven


Last week I showed you several Sandwiches Mary Ann and I made while on our working vacation to the Treehouse. They were GOOD! but . . .

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Sandwiches and More at TheTreehouse


Mary Ann’s post The Treehouse showed you where we were lucky enough to spend our working vacation. We talked a lot, walked a lot, . . .

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