Granite Countertop Cleaner

cleaner recipoe

If you don’t learn from the pros, who can you learn from?  My countertop installer gave me this “recipe” for granite countertop cleaner.  . . .

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Fries, Glorious Fries

There are almost as many names for this side dish as their are variations to the recipe.  I have heard them called Garbage Fries, . . .

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Neal's Fruit Dip


A friend of mine was a premiere caterer/event planner here for quite some time.  He came up with this dip for his clients and . . .

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Compound (Garlic) Butter

    Compound butter is virtually any butter that has something else mixed in it.  It sounds a little more sophisticated than “garlic . . .

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Pasta Salvi

pasta salvi

      Many years ago, there was a restaurant I used to go to for lunch a lot.  They had this deep . . .

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West Side Market

Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to visit the West Side Market in Cleveland, Ohio.  I hadn’t been there since I was . . .

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Extra Hands

extra hands

    In our house, we store almost everything in storage bags – leftovers of all descriptions, soups, stews, everything. We also use them . . .

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I believe that everyone in my family (immediate and/or extended) deserves extra special attention from time to time.  This post is primarily aimed at . . .

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